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Am 19.05.2017 findet im CIP-Pool der NTNM-Bibliothek eine Schulung zur Recherche in der Datenbank SciFinder statt. Nähere Informationen zur Anmeldung werden in Kürze bekannt gegeben.

Ort: CIP-Pool der NTNM-Bibliothek, Campus C6 2, UG

Referentin: Dr. Karin Faerber, ACSI representing CAS in Germany

Mehr Informationen:
SciFinder – A powerful discovery tool for chemistry
SciFinder provides access to the complete CAS database and is updated daily.


You may, for example, query SciFinder to answer one of these questions:

  • What are the chemical properties of a substance?
  • How can I make a specific chemical?
  • Is there patent protection?
  • Are there regulatory restrictions?
  • Where can I get the reagents?
  • What’s the most relevant chemistry literature?

To access the database, first-time users need to apply to the library ( for a login.

CAS offers some getting-started information: