Corona Rules

In order to maintain library operations during the Corona pandemic, we also have the familiar AHA rules.

    Safe distance

    Keep at least 1.50 m distance to other persons. Please follow the signs and, if necessary, the instructions of the library staff. Please only enter the elevator one at a time.


    Wash your hands before visiting us. Use the stations with disinfectants to disinfect surfaces (workstations). However, please do not use cleaning agents containing alcohol for cleaning PC workstations.

    Face mask

    Please enter the library only wearing a mask covering the nose as well as the mouth mask. As of 02.11.2020, this must be worn at all times during your stay in the library until further notice.

    Group work rooms

    The group study rooms are currently not available for use and will remain so until further notice.

    Contact tracking

    For our users, the NTNM library is open from 12.04.2021 from Mon-Fri from 09:00-20:00 and Sa from 10:00-16:00. In the event of an infection, contact tracking is guaranteed on a daily basis via our lending booking system.