Training event : Retrosynthetic analysis and synthesis planning in SciFinderN – save the date

The next SciFinder-N virtual training event take place on March 29, 2022 09:00 AM. In the talk Karin Faerber and Jeanne Fronert provid an overview about Retrosynthetic analysis and synthesis planning in SciFinderN.
For new or known molecules, SciFindern will perform a full retrosynthetic analysis utilizing the renowned CAS collection of reactions, presenting results in a highly intuitive and interactive synthesis plan.

Use SciFinderN for

  • Synthesizing new molecular innovations
  • Process development and scale up
  • Evaluating new synthetic options
  • Identifying opportunities for new breakthroughs in methods development

Watch the Video

Watch this video to see how the synthesis planning capabilities in SciFindern will inspire your thinking and allow you to overcome challenges in making both known and novel molecules.

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