Book a Scientist: an offer of the Leibniz Association

Speed dating with science

What does hip-hop sound like in Central Asia? What does peace have to do with Covid-19? What role do different hop varieties play in the flavor of a craft beer? What are living medicines? How can stress be measured in animals? What do you do with a -269 degree Celsius cold diamond? How are galaxies weighed? And what are the differences between what is said and what is meant?
If you don’t ask, you stay stupid – as they already knew in Sesame Street. Book a Scientist” gives you the chance to spend 25 minutes with an expert from the Leibniz Association and ask everything you’ve always wanted to know about your favorite topic.


The individual, 25-minute one-on-one meetings will take place online on March 18, 2021. Secure your “date” now with a smart brain from Leibniz!


To reserve a conversation with a Leibniz expert, email with your name, chosen topic, and desired time slot. You will receive a confirmation email, if the appointment is still available.
You can read more about the format and what to expect in an interview on the platform


Choose from more than 150 topics in the following areas for your conversation:

Do you still have some unanswered questions?

At the end of a long list of topics, there may still be questions for science that we can’t answer this time at Book a Scientist.
So if you’re still wondering, “Who? How? What? Why? Why? Why?”, take a look at our “Ask Leibniz!” campaign.
Stay curious!

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