Hybrid working in the NTNM library

Need a place to attend a virtual meeting? Do you need to give a presentation online? Or do you just want to make a phone call undisturbed? If you don’t have your own office on campus, sometimes it’s not that easy. The NTNM library now offers a solution with soundproofed and air-conditioned individual workstation booths:
The corona pandemic has changed the way we study and work on campus. Courses no longer take place exclusively in the lecture hall but also digitally in the form of Zoom or MS Teams meetings. Difficult when both formats are held directly after each other. Especially for students who do not have suitable rooms on campus where they can participate in digital formats undisturbed.

The NTNM library has responded to this problem by purchasing a total of four individual workstation booths and having them installed on the ground floor of the library. The booths have individually adjustable LED lighting, an adjustable ventilation system, power socket and USB port. They are soundproofed and, with a comfortable sofa, an extendable table top and a privacy screen on the glass walls, offer an ideal space for video conferences, confidential phone calls or simply a single place to concentrate on work.

The booths have now been released and have been accepted by our library visitors from day one. The library team is delighted to be able to make a contribution to the implementation of digital learning formats on campus and to make the NTNM library an even more attractive place to learn and work.

The funds for the acquisition of the booths come from university pact funds for the design of learning spaces on the campus of Saarland University. We would like to thank our colleagues from the Campus Development Department and the staff from the Facility Management Department for their support in implementing this project.