2024 SpringerNature e-book collection : Biomedical & Life Sciences

All you can read! We have also expanded our offering for the life sciences with the 2024 SpringerNature e-book Collection Biomedical & Life Science.
We expect around 680 titles in this package for the year 2024, which will be published successively and permanently listed in our library catalog, where they can be searched and accessed in full text. The first titles are already available on the SpringerNature publisher’s website.

The content is accessible to researchers of the INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials within the IP area of the INM (unlimited access, pdf download, without DRM restrictions). University users can use the content on a walk-in basis within the premises of the NTNM library.


Our lives – and livelihoods – depend on the plants, animals, and microbes of this planet. The current extent and pace of environmental change however, threatens our very way of being.
At this point, our only hope is decisive action – a movement that must be informed by research in disciplines dealing directly with life. Biomedicine and Life Sciences provides just that. With applications in areas such as medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology, this eBook collection covers research fields that are essential to maintaining and improving the quality of life on Earth. Bringing together up-to-date resources from trusted authors working around the world on topics as diverse as patterns of infectious transmission to processes responsible for the loss of biodiversity.
” Source: SpringerNature

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Regina Kraemer