Sustainability is our theme at the UdS Open Day

On Saturday, June 8, 2024, we will once again be taking part in Saarland University’s Open Day. On this day, we are dedicating ourselves to the topic of sustainability with two themes: Books for Future is a children’s book exhibition on the topic of sustainability, and with Digital Clean-Up campaigns we want to draw attention to the invisible environmental pollution caused by data waste.

Books for Future: Books for children

We are targeting our youngest readers with a children’s book exhibition “Books for Future” and invite parents and their children to visit us next Saturday.
Children’s and young people’s books on the subject of climate and environmental protection aim to educate and encourage people to rethink and act. They enable discussion and opinion-forming, thus promoting alternative thought and action processes, contributing to sustainability and encouraging dialog. The “Books for Future” exhibition comprises around 100 books in which the topics of climate change, energy, nature, the environment and biodiversity are presented in a child-friendly way. The books are on loan free of charge from the Federal Association for the Promotion of Reading and can be seen in the NTNM library until 20.06.2024. We would like to thank the Bundesverband Leseförderung and look forward to welcoming many little environmentalists.

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Digital Clean-Up 4.0

What does our behavior in the digital world have to do with environmental protection? “Every movie streamed, every app installed, every email written causes CO2, every like has a footprint and the cloud is not a cloud in the sky, but consumes a lot of energy. Behind this digital screen are data centers that continuously process vast amounts of data and consume huge amounts of electricity in the process.” (Quote: Holger Holland, initiator of the Digital Clean-UP-Day) Every year, around 900 million tons of CO2 emissions are released worldwide through digital data. High time to think about our digital behavior.

We want to draw attention to this invisible environmental pollution on the Open Day with an interactive quiz from the Federal Agency for Civic Education, a keynote speech and small hands-on activities. Join in, we look forward to seeing you!

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The staff of the NTNM library are committed to the sustainability goals of the 2030 Agenda and the principles of Libraries for Future.