Fast insight into nanotechnology

„Nano“ – now accessible during a trial at for free. Nano Trial access valid until December 31, 2017 for INM and UdS users.
Users may now access easily searchable nanoscience data, synthesis methods and literature in one centralized resource, including manually curated nanomaterial summaries that compile data from multiple sources.

A nanomaterial summary includes

  • nanostructure type
  • size
  • composition
  • properties
  • applications
  • preparation
  • characterization
  • toxicity
  • patent claims

User benefits from

  • find nanotechnology information precisely without looking into the full text
  • information on similar nanomaterials is compiled into summaries from multiple sources
  • preparation steps for nanomaterials can be easily found and visualized
  • nanomaterials with specific properties and pplication can be quickly enlisted

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Elke Bubel