Workshop on “Reproducible Research”

On 04.09.2023, a half-day workshop on reproducible research will be held at the Graduate Center of Saarland University (UdS).

The event is coordinated by the Vernetzungsstelle Open Access im Saarland, which was able to win Dr. Susann Auer as a speaker. Dr. Auer is one of the leaders of the initiative “Reproducibility for Everyone” and has inspired more than 500 participants with her trainings on reproducible work in science.

Rigor and reproducibility are the core of modern science and set apart scientific inquiry from pseudoscience. Many researchers have never received formal training on how to work in a way that enables reproducibility for themselves and other researchers.

This workshop will introduce reproducible workflows and a range of tools for researchers and everybody interested in working more reproducibly along the themes of organization, documentation, analysis and dissemination. After a brief introduction to the topic of reproducibility, the workshop will provide specific tips useful in improving daily research workflows: content includes modules on data management, reproducible protocols and methods, data and code sharing, reproducible bioinformatics tools and methods, data visualization and working with images.

We will work through some use cases to directly apply reproducible practices you learned and discuss challenges in your work. All workshop materials will be available in digital form to share with interested colleagues as well.

The workshop will be held in English. Participants will receive access to all digital training materials at the beginning of the event and can freely share them with other interes

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