Advisory board

The NTNM library is accompanied by an advisory board for any scientific queries.

Members of the advisory board

  • Prof. Roland Bennewitz (INM)
  • Tobias Betzholz (Student representative of the faculty NT)
  • Dr. Desirée Griesemer (SULB)
  • Prof. Tobias Kraus (INM)
  • Anne Schäpermeier (SULB)
  • Prof. Michael Springborg (Faculty NT)
  • Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch (Chairman) (Faculty NT)

Rules of procedure of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board adopted its Rules of Procedure at its meeting on 27.05.2019, which came into force on 31.05.2019:
Rules of Procedure of the Advisory Board as of 31.05.2019.