Lending conditions

The book collection of the NTNM library may be borrowed. If you would like to borrow media from the NTNM library to take it outside the library, please register yourself as a user at our information area. With this registration, you will receive access data to your personal user account. The UdS card serves as a user card for all UdS and INM members. External users receive a guest card. If you need literature that is not available on site, we could arrange the desired literature for you via our document delivery service against reimbursement of costs.

    Lending period

    The lending period is 28 days. It can be extended online up to 10 times x 4 weeks. This does not apply if a book has been pre-ordered. Then the borrowed book/ media must be returned after the due date.

    Login and User Account

    If you would like to borrow media from the NTNM library or use the services offered by the library, please register at our information area with your contact details as a user of the library. For registration, an official photo ID and your student ID is required. By registering, you accept the Terms and Regulations of NTNM Library: NTNM Terms and Regulations of NTNM Library, dated 2017, Sept. 29..

    After registration, access data for your personal user account will be provided. Your personal user data, renewing of borrowed books or /and digital media and reservations for borrowed media can be viewed here.

    NTNM User Registration form

Fair use

We provide you with the best possible working conditions at the NTNM Library. We rely on fair treatment of each other and fair use of our space, media, and services. In order that all of our users feel comfortable, we ask that you heed a few fair use rules during your time in the library:


    Most of our visitors appreciate the silence which enables them to work with concentration in our library. When you are in the reading areas of the library, please keep your voices down so that others are not disturbed.

    Learn together

    Learning also includes exchange and discussion. This is exactly what our group workrooms are available for. Therefore, please do not occupy them individually, but only use them when you want to work and exchange ideas together with others.

    Text books

    One of our top priorities is to provide textbooks in sufficient numbers for all students. Let us know if you find that there are too few copies of a particular title. We will remedy the situation before books are hidden, hoarded, or even “hijacked.”

    Food and drinks

    Drinks and a small snack are permitted in our library. Please be considerate and make sure that you do not cause any odor or noise nuisance for others. Please leave your workplace just the way you would like to find it.